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Diego Cajas by Eli Schmidt



Diego Cajas is a Chilean, Brooklyn-based immigrant artist and fashion designer.

Born and raised in Santiago Chile, in 2012 Diego switched their major from Visual Arts to Fashion Design, becoming one of many celebrated creatives in the new generation of designers in Latin America. His work has featured in magazines around the world and runway shows between Chile and Brazil.

In 2020 Diego moved to New York to work as a designer for local Queer brands and smalls studios.

Diego Cajas's work focuses on tailoring, detailing and hand-made pieces,

working from his hood-queer-brown experience breaking down stereotypes, questioning macho culture and representing indigenous immigrants artists living in the United States.

LEAK NYC 2021-2023

Associate Designer, Project manager, Pattern maker, Mock up builder, Creative Direction and Styling.

From conceptualization to execution of unique archival pieces, made to order pieces and mock ups for e-commerce Thailand/China made products.


Project manager, Pattern maker, Sewer and crafter in unique pieces with a team for CHRISHABANA.

for artists like Doja Cat, Megan the Stallion, Cardi B, Chloe Bailey, Lizzo, Kim Petras, Christina Aguilera, Grimes and more.

DIEGO CAJAS 2014-2020


Creative Director and Producer, from conceptualization to execution of made to order pieces and collections for personal brand, featuring magazines and runway shows, collaborating and winning "Desafío EPSON" award in 2017, Chile, as creatives working with new technologies.



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